Autograph Signing FAQ

Q: How many signatures does a ticket get me?

A: 1 ticket = 1 signature. If you want more than 1 item signed, you need to buy as many tickets as signatures you want.


Q: Can I get a picture with the athlete?

A: Yes! We will have a professional photographer at the event. You are also welcome to take a picture with your cell phone or camera in a quick and timely manner. We have to keep the line moving!


Q: If I didn’t buy a ticket can I still get a picture?

A: No. To be fair to everyone that purchased a ticket, only people who paid to get a signature and meet the athlete will be allowed to take pictures.


Q: Can my wife/girlfriend/friend/acquaintance/kids stand in line with me if they didn’t buy a ticket?

A: They sure can! We will be checking tickets as you approach the athlete to make sure for every ticket sold, 1 signature is given.


Q: Will you guys have items to purchase to get signed?

A: Yes! We will have items for sale for each signing. We’ll have them in store for the signing or you can look at them on the signing web page.


Q: I have my own item I want to get signed. Is that OK?

A: Of course! If you have an item already that you want to get signed go for it! We do not require you to buy an item from us to get signed. Just a ticket for the signature.


Q: Are certain items prohibited from getting signed by the athlete?

A: Sometimes. If there is an item an athlete won’t sign we’ll document that on the signing web page.


Q: Are certain inscriptions prohibited?

A: Sometimes. Some athletes might not want to offer certain inscriptions for any reason. We will document any inscriptions an athlete won’t sign on the signing page.


Q: I can’t attend the signing. Do you accept mail ins/drop offs?

A: We do accept mail ins/drop offs! You can drop off an item or buy one from us and leave it at our showroom. We’ll take care of the rest. If you decide mail something in, make sure to include return postage in the package. Otherwise we will be in contact to get postage to get your item back to you. Mail ins/drop offs require a $10 fee.


Q: If I mail something in, do you cover postage?

A: We do not cover postage. If you decide to mail something in to us, you will cover the cost of mailing the item to us and return shipping. Just include return postage in the package or pay a fee to us to ship it back to you.