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Fundraising Opportunities

Collector’s Den works every year with several dozen non-profit organizations to provide them with premium products for fund raising events and auctions.

All products will be given to your event on consignment. The consignment price is anywhere from 20% to 50% off of standard retail. For instance: An item that normally sells for $100 in our showroom could be given to you for $70. You start the bidding at $70, to recover our cost, then every bid above $70 is profit for the charity. We only get the bottom price, so if the item in this example goes for $300, $230 is for your charity! Anything that does not achieve a qualifying bid will be taken back at no cost.

We streamline this whole process by having you meet with us at any one of our locations, to personally work with you choosing the most profitable items for your event. After we meet we will type up a formal list of items with descriptions and prices along with a contract. Arrangements for pick-up and delivery will also be decided. Should you be unable to visit our showroom to personally select items we can handle the process with your direction. This can be done as quickly as a day in advance if needed.

To help bring in people we will also advertise for your event on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities all over the United States. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to your event.

Thank you for your interest!

- Collector's Den

FOR DETAILS: Please call or contact:

Circle Centre: (317) 636 - 8229,

Castleton: (317) 841 - 8472

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