Live Auction

1908 & 2016 Cubs Shadowbox
1908 & 2016 Cubs Shadowbox

1908 & 2016 Cubs Shadowbox

$ 399.99

Auction FAQ 

Q: How many signatures does a ticket get me?

A: 1 ticket = 1 signature. If you want more than 1 item signed, you need to buy as many tickets as signatures you want.

Q: Can I get a picture with the athlete?

A: Yes! We will have a professional photographer at the event. You are also welcome to take a picture with your cell phone or camera in a quick and timely manner. We have to keep the line moving!

Q: Can my wife/girlfriend/friend/acquaintance/kids stand in line with me if they didn’t buy a ticket?

A: They sure can! We will be checking tickets as you approach the athlete to make sure for every ticket sold, 1 signature is given.

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